Hello, Wanderers. Hope everyone is doing well.

I know many of you are wondering how Jerry Slutz is doing so I thought I’d send an update.

From Scott Jordan this past Sunday:

Jerry is at home with hospice care. His family is caring for him also, and he is at peace with his condition. I visited him briefly yesterday and he was able to communicate with me a little. I would ask that we all offer him, his family and his caregivers our prayers and wishes that God’s will be done in his life. His longtime membership in Happy Wanderers and his personal friendship to me has been true inspiration for us. As a side note, his son in law, Ted Turner, will be selling Jerry’s 2007 Damon Tuscany 4076 motorhome.

I have spoken/texted with his daughter, Karen, and Marie the last couple of days because we were working on a project to surprise Jerry. Jerry has been in his bed for a couple of weeks now. He sleeps most of the time but will wake up now and then when he hears voices and such. Karen says he’s peaceful and has had visits with family and friends but he’s getting weaker and weaker. He told her he knows he needs a Savior and that he’s thankful for Jesus. She’s betting there will be a pool table in Jerry’s mansion! 😊

In the meantime, about the project I mentioned….. we gathered as many of the HOW members here in the Rio Grande Valley and did a little video for Jerry. Everyone got a chance to say a few words to Jerry and show him how much we love him. Karen played it for him and she said she’s sure he heard it. He smiled.

Jerry’s time is limited but he is not in pain and he is at peace.

Please let’s continue to pray for him and his family during this time.

Thank you.