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1991 – 1998 Rally Photos


A big THANK YOU to Scott Jordon for working on these oldies but goodies.

From Scott & JoElla Jordan

Greetings to my “old” Happy Wanderers friends.

As you probably remember, in the early days we took photos at each rally, had them printed, and placed in an album for each year’s history. We brought the albums to each rally and looked at them to bring back the good times. There were eight albums made, each full of those good times. Well they became burdensome for the club to keep so the plans were to destroy them. But, before doing so there was an email to the members about the plans. Since JoElla and I were the ones who took many of the photos and put some of the albums together, I felt that there was too much history to just destroy it. So I purchased a Fast Photo high volume photo scanner, removed the photos from the albums, and digitized them.

They are now on the HOW website for all to see.

There are sure lots of good memories here. Jo and I had fun looking at them. Note that I have retained most of the actual prints for a while but will get rid of them in the future.

Scott & JoElla Jordan

1991 HOW Rallies

1992 HOW Rallies


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