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** Prayer requests.


Good morning, Wanderers!!

Unfortunately we have a lot of prayer requests this time but God can move mountains………………so Lord, look at our mountains. Mountains, meet our Lord.

Rosemary McGlothlin-Templeton-

Please add me to your prayer list. I am starting my battle with breast cancer and need Positive energy, courage and strength. I am facing a year of chemotherapy. My husband will need to support me through this so prayers for him too.  Thank you 

Ron Lee-

Hernia surgery Wednesday.

Joe and Vera Bouse-

Ankle replacement May 3rd.

Joe – healing (AFib/Parkinson).

MD/Terry Gentry-

MD ablation Monday.

Terry- knee surgery Wednesday.

Steve Branstetter –

Severe weakness especially in his arms/hands.

Joyce Van Tuyl

Continued healing of her foot.

Linda Murray

She will have another pet scan at the end of this month to see if the chemotherapy is working. Paying for a good report.

Lord, we have a lot of prayer requests this time but we know You are an awesome God and can heal even the lame and deaf. These are our friends/family. We know putting them in Your hands is exactly what You ask us to do. We ask that You guide the hands of the doctors and nurses taking care of our friends/family. May You touch each and everyone and speed up their healing. Give strength to each family involved because sickness affects everyone in the family.

If I left anyone out, please let me know.


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